Dear Libreops supporters,

We hope you had a wonderful start to the year. We would like to apologize for the late update on the financial status of our project, but several personal matters left us little time to work with the project.

As every year, we would like to share an overview of our financial status in 2022.

As you already know, we are using OpenCollective to manage contributions and expenses. This platform has allowed us to expand our funding capabilities and provide more transparency on how we use our budget. However, there are some fees that we must pay to OpenCollective and the payment processor.

We are solely dependent on donations and our own contributions, and the expenses we incur are related to virtual machines, domain renewals, and backup services.

Please find below an overview of the amount we received as contributions and the expenses we incurred.

Thank you for your continued support. Best regards,

The Libreops Team


  • Amount: 1.860,15€


  • Amount: 896,52€

Expenses Breakdown

You can always find a detailed analysis in the opencollective platform

LibreOps Expenses 2022

LibreOps Expenses 2022


As last year we would like to thank our friends in EDIS hosting provider for the three (3) virtual machines that we are currently using for the syncthing service and for one of the radicaldns servers that are part of the opennic network.

Future plans

Our current surplus gives us the opportunity to plan again and deploy new services. Stay tuned! We are always open for ideas and feedback at our Matrix channel.

If you value our work, please consider supporting us. We only rely on our contributors.