This is a DNS service run by LibreOps.

The goal is to offer a public DNS service that people can use to maintain the secrecy of their DNS traffic, but also circumvent censorship. We don't keep logs, but we also filter ads and trackers.

If you want to support us, you can donate.

If you are looking for encrypted DNS (eg. DoH, DoT), check out our other service: LibreDNS.

Using the IPs of our two servers should be enough in most cases.

server 01

IPv6 2a01:4f8:1c0c:82c0::1
Port 53

server 02

IPv6 2a03:f80:30:192:71:166:92:1
Port 53


One of the motives for creating this service was to build a DNS server that will keep a minimum amount of (meta)data and only the bare minimum that is required for its core functionality, in respect to users privacy.

In detail:

  • We keep no logs. Logs are disabled for our DNS daemon.
  • Our servers are also part of the OpenNIC project as Tier 2 DNS servers.
  • We use a local resolver for the DNS requests. We use OpenNIC as our Tier 1.