Happy New Year to all the supporters and users of Libreops!

We strive to be as transparent as possible in Libreops and the financial aspect of the transparency is really importnant for our team. So this post is the financial overview of 2021.

As we have already posted before, we are using OpenCollective for managing contributions and expenses.

This gives us more funding capabilities and more transparency on how we use our budget. However there are some host fees that are paid to opencollective and to payment processor.

As we have mentioned before all of our income comes from donations and our own contributions and the expenses are costs that concern virtual machines, domain renewals or backup services.

Below you can see an overview of the amount that we get as contributions and pay as expenses and the net amount and the fees from either opencollective or payment processor.


  • Amount: 1.262,40€
  • Net Amount: 1.174,79€


  • Amount: 451,04€
  • Net Amount: 461,40€

LibreOps Expenses 2021

Expenses Breakdown

For each cost we are reimbursing we are tagging the service or the kind we are using the money for. So the breakdown of the expenses is the following (In the parenthesis you can see the net amount of each expense or contribution):

  • Mastodon / Konekti ( 107,15€ (109,46€)
  • Encrypted DNS (LibreDNS): 123,16€ (126,59€)
  • Legacy DNS (RadicalDNS): 51,70€ (53,52€)
  • Tor node (Libreonion): 58.08€ (60.04€)
  • Backup: 5€ (5,38€)
  • Domain Renewal: 13€ (13,28€)
  • Testbed (WIP Services): 92,8€ (93,13€)

LibreOps Expenses 2021


This year we also received a donation of three (3) virtual machines from our friends in EDIS hosting provider, that we are currently using for the syncthing service and for one of the radicaldns servers that are part of the opennic network.

Future plans

Our current surplus gives us the opportunity to plan and deploy new services. Stay tuned! We are always open for ideas and feedback at our Matrix channel.

If you value our work, please consider supporting us. We only rely on our contributors.