About a year ago we switched to OpenCollective for managing donations and expenses. This gave us more funding capabilities and more transparency on how we use our budget.

So this is a good opportunity to do a brief summary of our 2020 budget, how and where we spend our financial resources.


  • Mastodon ( 121€
  • Encrypted DNS (LibreDNS) DNS: 83€
  • Legacy DNS (RadicalDNS): 30€
  • Diaspora: 24€
  • Jabber ( 24€
  • Swag: 17€
  • Main website: 13€
  • Backup: 5€

LibreOps Expenses 2020

Total: 334€


All of our income comes from donations and our own contributions.

Total: 955€

Future plans

Our current surplus gives us the opportunity to plan and deploy new services. Stay tuned! We are always open for ideas and feedback at our Matrix channel.

If you value our work, please consider supporting us. We only rely on our contributors.