About two years ago we launched konekti, a simple Mastodon/Twitte cross-poster. We saw that as a workaround and an opportunity for people who wanted to join the Fediverse but were hesitant to leave Twitter completely.

Unfortunately, Twitter has recently changed their API policy and this type of crossposting is no longer availaible in the free tier. Their pricing model starts at 100$/month. That led even the biggest instance run by the developers of the same open source project we were relying on, to also shut down.

twitter api

Even if we could afford that (we can't), we don't believe it's a good idea to give our supporters' money to a service like Twitter. Besides the obvious contradiction of giving money to a centralized proprietary service that is the antithesis of our values, Twitter seems to have stirred its content policy towards being more tolerant for far-right trolls and (despite their "free speech" narrative) easily suspending accounts that express dissent from the other side of that spectrum.

We are closing the service as of today, as it was practically blocked by Twitter, and we will use this opportunity to focus on our Mastodon instance and potentially additional Fedirerse projects in the near future.

If you value our work, please consider supporting us. We only rely on our contributors.