We started our DoH/DoT service, LibreDNS, to secure (encrypt) our DNS queries and we made this service available to everybody, a year ago to this day!

We are really happy about the adaptation of LibreDNS and in some cases about providing a way to overcome censorship. Althouth we are not a big company/organization but a small team, we try to maintain these projects, keep them up to date and provide stable public services to everyone.

We depend on financial contributions from people who trust and support us into running all of our services. We are always available and open for communication at our Matrix channel.

So, many thanks to all of you for supporting LibreDNS.

Apple - iOS 14.x

In apple devices, there was not an easy way to encrypt DNS queries and be protected against DNS leaks. The acceptated method was using cloudflare's that creates a VPN to your mobile device and send your DNS queries throuth their infrastructure.

Recently we came upon this opensource project: DNSecure and we tried it, to see if it can be an alternative method to use LibreDNS service on iOS devices.

Apple Store

You can download the application from the apple store: dnsecure

Notice: Requires iOS 14.0 or later.

DoH Settings

These are the settings to enable LibreDNS - DoH (DNS over https) service:

Server URL:


or you can use our no-trackers endpoint:

DoT Settings

To add the DoT (DNS over TLS) support:

Server Name:



It is time to enable this DNS service, so go to:

General --> VPN & Network --> DNS

and enable DNSecure


DNS Leak Results

To verify that your LibreDNS is running, visit dnsleattest and run the test; you should see LibreDNS as your DNS server


If you value our work, please consider supporting us. We only rely on our contributors.