DNS over HTTPS on Mobile

Using DoH on mobile phones is not an easy task. There are not many applications nor settings on the major operating systems for mobile devices that support DoH to resolve domain names. Firefox provides an easy solution in order to use DoH on your phone with your browser. In this article, we provide steps to do that with the help of Firefox and LibreDNS.

Firefox on Mobile

  • Download Firefox for Mobile Devices.
  • Open Firefox and write in the address bar about:config.
  • Write in the search bar network.trr.uri and change the value of the preference to the URL of LibreDNS DoH endpoint:


  • Write in the search bar network.trr.mode and use 2 as value if you want to use LibreDNS as the default DoH provider and use your prexisting DNS provider as a fallback. Use 3 as a value if you want to use only LibreDNS without any fallback, for more options visit:


  • If you choose 3 in network.trr.mode you also need to add the following preference in about:config: Search for network.trr.bootstrapAddress in the address bar and change the value to which is the IP address of LibreDNS.